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Whilst we have moved away from the very strict discipline associated with traditional martial arts, at CDA we still see the benefits that children gain from a structured and formalised environment.  It allows them the security to accept new and uncomfortable situations such as sparring for the first time, or demonstrating a technique in front of the class, because they feel protected by the discipline and oversight of the instructor and their fellow class mates.

We have seen reluctant and shy children excel at things they would not have dreamed of a few months before they started training.  Repetition, group participation and positive encouragement and acknowledgement makes their confidence, and in turn their ability thrive in such an environment.  They also have fun!!

Since having children of my own my believe in the benefits of martial arts training for children beyond simple self-protection and health, have been robustly reinforced and i would heartily recommend parents to give their children the opportunity to have a go, why not book a free taster martial arts session now – see details at


If you are looking for martial arts training in the cheltenham area and not sure what style or type of training would suit you then look no further than the CDA (Combined Defensive Arts) Academy.  We offer TaeKwonDo, Shotokan Karate, Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Self Defence and our own blend of styles (JKD inspired) Combined Defensive Arts classes, we even have private lessons and fitness classes.

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