CDA logoCDA Combined Defensive Arts is a multi style martial arts club held at the CDA Academy, Lansdown Ind Est, Cheltenham.  Our full details can be found at but basically we are an open minded club with a focus on realistic self-defence. We aim to inspire and not confine our students to aid them to fully explore the many styles of defence open to them.

We cover techniques from western boxing, Panantukan, silat, savat, taekwondo, wing chun, jkd, muay thai, krav maga mainly but also chuck in some Jiu Jitsu and Tai Chi to round things off.  Essentially anything that we have seen and trained that we feel is appropriate we will pass on to our students.

The academy also has specific children’s classes, private lessons, shotokan karate, kickboxing and circuit training fitness sessions.  You can train every day of the week if you wish.  full list of classes on our class page